All about this site


I have decided to use a separate site for Blog Sales because they crash my site! I get so many visitors that it can write off my site for a day, and costs me a fortune to upgrade the server.

Because the posts are so long and so many people browse it, they also make the site laggy so I've decided to offload it on to blogger :D

On top of that, big blog sales are extremely hard work, so I think it will be easier to just add things to this blog whenever necessary rather than doing it in one big go!

As a beauty blogger and general beauty junkie, I buy make up almost on a daily basis. Because I buy things for review purposes I tend to buy lots of shades and textures just to try out.

I also buy a lot of make up online and from Asia, so without being able to test something first I end up with a lot of unused make up.

Hence blog sales! It's a good way for me to get rid of barely used make up that I have no use for.

I sell the make up at a good price because I know that other people want to try out new things at a discount, and because I have so much I like to get rid of it as fast as I can!

I do not sell:

- Items in bad condition
- Items that were sent to me by PR*

I do include a photo and description of the item - if in doubt please do ask me. I will describe an items condition as well as I can - items are sold as seen!

* There has been a lot of hoo-ha about this sort of thing so I have to clarify - I sell items that I have personally purchased.

I understand that sometimes it may seem confusing - (ie. if X brand has sent you a press sample before, how come you are selling something by the same brand?)

The fact is I buy 80% of the products I review on my blog, and if I want something I go and buy it - I don't wait for PR to send it to me for free.  And also, I know very well what I have paid for and what I have been sent for review. I have receipts for my purchases, either paper or online invoice.

If you have any queries, do feel free to email me - - happy to answer!

That's all!


Miss Candy